Our mission is to provide exciting water sports and outdoor activities for children and adults of all ages, needs and backgrounds.

Upcoming Events

  • Feb 26-28 WSIA Expo (CO)
  • Apr 28 Dreams For Kids Prom (DC)
  • Jul 12  Oasis Lake day (PA)
  • Jul 13 Wounded Warriors Adaptive Ski (VA)
  • Jul 14 Dreams For Kids D.C. (VA)
  • Sep 22 Cypress Gardens Ski Team (FL)

Get Involved

Join us to learn adaptive water-skiing, learn to teach adaptive water-skiing, hang out and participate in any of our activities or volunteer your time. All are welcome!

"The staff is patient, knowledgeable and provides an extremely safe experience. I highly recommend supporting On the Edge Children’s Foundation."   
                                         Laurie LoRe Gussak                                                             Executive Director                                                                 Florida Disabled Outdoors
"OTE provides life-changing experiences for those with disabilities and approach their work in a compassionate and unifying way."
                                        Glenda L. Fu                                                                          Executive Director                                                                Dreams For Kids DC