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The best way to experience our activities for yourself, aside from participating at events; is to purchase adaptive equipment for your team!!!

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white clinic water ski
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Melissa Waller

Product Manager


Phone: 240-334-0424


Beginner Ski (With Foot Strap)


New Cage (Adjustable with Sling)


Wooden Flanker Ski With Bindings


New Wake Board Plates


Triple Bar For Beginners


Rope Set (3 Ropes & 3 Handles 60ft)


On The Edge cages are fully adjustable to fit the majority of participants. No longer will you need multiple cages for different ages, shapes, or sizes. Less time making adjustments, and more time on the water.

Community Design

These cages have been put through variety of testing environments. They have been designed with input form the community for which these products serve.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is key. We design all out products with that in mine. Our cages use spring loaded pins at fixed locations on the frame for quick, accurate, and sturdy adjustments. Easy, fast, and effortless.