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Team training

We team up with ski teams from all over to train them how to ski adaptive participants. After this training many ski teams host their own adaptive clinics to bring together disabled members of their community and include adaptive participants on their teams.

If you are a part of a ski team or would like to be trained in adaptive water skiing please contact our program coordinator at 717-476-0512

Adaptive Water-skiing

Individuals or groups with mental or physical challenges can come to our events and Participate. slalom skiing and trick skiing are the two types of adaptive skiing that we teach.  We teach beginner and intermediate water-skiing to all levels of mental and physical challenges and we encourage everyone to give it a try!

Check out our calendar to find an event near you!




Additional Activities

Rock Climbing

We provide a rock climbing wall at many of our events with people that are licensed to belay.


Paddle Boarding/ Kayaking

Our events often include paddle boarding as an additional activity for our participants to enjoy.


Social Get Together

From time to time we put on social events to get participants and volunteers together to socialize and spend time getting to know each other.


Team Building Games

During our get together and our events we provide games for our participants to take part in. The games change all the time but are always centered around working together and moving around for exercise.

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  1. Momo Sutton and her mom on May 13, 2018 at 1:22 am

    We were able to participate in adaptive waterskiing today. My daughter said it was the best day of her life. Thank you On the Edge Childrens Foundation for giving us this opportunity. The joy you brought to us we can never repay.

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